Asking God Questions

A Rhema is a Holy Spirit inspired word illuminated by God to you. Each person has their own way of getting a word from the Lord, but we like to start our day with three Rhemas after prayer, and end our day with one. Also, there are times when something very important needs to be decided, and when asking Jesus about something important, it’s good to do three readings in a row, just to be positive of the Lord’s Will over the decision you are pondering at that time. 

We believe that the Lord desires to bring a fresh word through the Holy spirit and much needed Rhema to you each time you go to this page. The Rhemas and Rhema messages below are all the messages and words Jesus has given to Mother Clare and Mother Mary Elisha. Randomly compiled and chosen by the Holy Spirit to speak to you when you click the button. Of course as with all things, use moderation.  Usually one or two, perhaps three are enough for clear thinking.  Too many Rhemas can be confusing. It’s certainly Biblical to ask the Lord to reveal His Will to you through the Holy Spirit.

God bless you all!

Come Here To Get A Word From the Lord!

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